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Friday, September 18, 2009

Here's a great green and crafty way of making beautiful earrings out of plastic cups!

With every celebration like this, plastic cups are left throughout the house, waiting to be recycled or reused the next day. While plastic cups can be recycled, thankfully, you can also make some pretty nifty earrings out of them, too. Making these funky earrings from your used plastic cups is easy.

1. Locate Your Plastic Cups

plastic cups photo
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.

Clean them out thoroughly.

2. Make Rings

plastic cup rings photo
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.

Cut them into rings by simply cutting straight across the cup.

3. Assemble Your Earrings

finished earrings photo
Image courtesy of Elizabeth Seward.

Tie the rings together with string and attach that string to earring backs.

Enjoy! This project is a great way to reuse those pesky plastic cups from your party and be fashionable while you're at it. We also recommend opting for reusable cups instead, but if these show up, here's a way to reuse them.

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