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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eyeglass Pendants

Here's another repost from the Planet Green Website (I just love them!)

Credit Dawn Anderson/Lark Studio

Post By Blythe Copeland

We've talked before about how to donate old eyeglasses, but if you'd rather reuse than recycle, turn your lenses into pendants with simple chains and one very unexpected material.

You might look at a security envelope and see junk mail, but Dawn from Lark Studio sees "phenomenal" prints. Save your next leftovers and cut them to fit eyeglass lenses from pairs of your old prescription; then pair with simple chains, exotic beads, or classic clasps for a pendant with a modern shape, graphic pattern, and chic silhouette.

Pair the clear version with a simple black tank; the blue with a strapless cocktail dress; and the green with a basic sweater--and no one needs to know that you're wearing your junk mail. Or collect your own envelopes and see what other combinations you can come up with. Don't wear glasses? Use any clear, flat pendant to make a design of your own.

The project at Lark Studio was inspired by a similar idea from Naughty Secretary Club, where out-of-date or expired lenses are decorated with petite charms and vintage photos. There, you can find step-by-step instructions for separating the frames from the lenses and attaching the background with decoupage.

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