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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photoshop Skillz

Yeahh, Skillz.

From my etsy:
Do you have old pictures of relatives that have stains of creases? a picture of your kid that he/she decided to use as a canvas? I will photo shop almost any picture of yours for a lot cheaper than almost anyone else. As a photographer, I work with photo shop everyday and enjoy doing it. So let me fix your priceless pictures!

Here's how it works, Send me an email (on here or caitieb9 [!at] yahoo.com) and say you are interested in this service. Then, Send me your picture (in as big of a size as you can get it. You can send it to me by emailing it to my caitieb9 [!at] yahoo.com or uploading it to a website and sending me the link. I will then fix it up for you and send you a sample of the image to make sure you are satisfied. When you are, I will create a custom listing on Etsy for you and once I have received payment, I will email you the image.

I will charge 8.50 USD an hour and most jobs will only last an hour or two (Depending on severity of damage.)

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