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Friday, April 3, 2009

Room Redecoration

Over spring break I redecorated my room because i was stuck in the cold. Though this design may look hard, here are a few tips to help you in your room redecoration projects:

  • I printed out a picture of a tree then attempted to recreate it with blue painters tape on my wall. This allowed me to move the tape if I messed up.
  • I then painted over the wall, tape and all.
  • When I peeled the tape off it revealed the white tree.
I also made the pillowcases you see on the bed. Here is some tips to make your own:
  • I don't use a top sheet, so I used that for the fabric.
  • I then printed out a picture of a bird, used my fabric pen, and cut it out of the darker fabric. I proceeded to sew it on to the un-closed pillowcases I had cut out.
  • After I sewed those on I closed up the pillowcases and put the pillows in them
  • taa-daahh!
If you plan on re decorating your room and use this blog, I want to see a picture. Please show me? Happy Crafting!

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